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Sheriff Mike Rainey's Statement of Big Theft Ring at Press Conference held on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.


  “Good afternoon, thank you all for being here; my name is Mike Rainey, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Sheriff of Cullman County. Before we get started, I would be remised if I did not mention the devastation our county endured on April 27th. Throughout our county, families have lost their homes, businesses, and possessions. However, the people of the Cullman County are resilient and we are already working to put the pieces back together. We continue to covet your thoughts, prayers, and support as we continue to rebuild.

 “We have asked you here today so that we may announce partial findings of an investigation which is still, at this point, on-going. In conjunction with the Alabama Department of Agriculture, Investigations Division, the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered an organized group of persons involved in the theft and disbursement of stolen tractors, heavy construction equipment, and farm trucks, some of which you see behind me today.

“This investigation has been ongoing since the middle of January of this year, and has been linked to thefts occurring as far in back as 2004. As a result of this investigation, three individuals have been charged. Those arrested include: Joe Alan Mead, 55 of Cullman, who has been charged with two counts of receiving stolen property in the first degree; Jody Alan Mead, 26 of Cullman, who has been charged with theft of property in the first degree, and receiving stolen property in the first degree; and Stoney Ray Vincent, 32 of Hanceville, who has been charged with five counts of receiving stolen property in the first degree.

“So far, the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office has recovered 27 pieces of stolen property, including, a bulldozer, numerous farm tractors, a number of skid steers and mini excavators, ATV’s, hay mowers, enclosed trailers, and five farm and construction heavy duty trucks. All of this equipment is valued in excess of $725,000. Property has been recovered in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

“These arrests and the recovery of this equipment, is the direct result of the hard work of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office and the dedication of Chief Deputy Max Bartlett, Investigations Division Chief Captain Scott Clay, Investigator Doug Duke and Lieutenant Ricky Blackwood, among others. Additionally, this investigation would not have been so successful without the help of Alabama Department of Agriculture Investigators Kenneth (Red) Griffin and Steve McBride, who worked with us as a team to dismantle this widespread theft operation. I would also like to thank Cullman County District Attorney Wilson Blaylock for his assistance and consultation throughout this investigation.

“Please note, this case is still an ongoing investigation and we anticipate presenting additional cases to the Cullman County Grand Jury, and making additional arrests in the future. I encourage persons that may have information regarding this case, or who may have previously purchased equipment from those who we have already arrested, to contact the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office as soon as possible.”

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