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The Cullman County Correctional Facility is a state-of-the-art, $12.5 million correctional facility. The 236-bed facility, which also houses a 10-bed juvenile facility, replaced the facility built in 1964. The structure of the building allows it to be easily upgraded and expanded, which will allow the facility to keep up with any increased demand. The facility houses inmates from Cullman County, various municipalities in Cullman County, and federal inmates.

 The Detention Center is located off US Highway 31, at 1900 Beech Avenue South East in Cullman, AL.


Mailing Address:

Cullman County Detention Center
(Inmate's Name)
1900 Beech Avenue South East
Cullman, AL 35055 

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From Birmingham: take Exit 299 turn right on to Golf Course Road follow this road to Beech Ave cross Highway 31 under railroad under pass. The Detention Center is located on Beech Ave on the right.

From Huntsville: take Exit 208 turn left on to Hwy 278 follow this road to Highway 31 turn right go south on Highway 31 turn left on to Sheraton Road SW • beside Handy TV, continue to Beech Ave. turn right on to Beech Ave. SE the Detention Center is on the left.

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Office Hours:

The Detention Center Office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. For inmate information, 24 hours a day, please call the 256-735-2400.

The Detention Center Lobby is open 24 hours a day.  You will be able to add money to the commissary kiosk, add money to the Telmate (Visitation & Phone) kiosk, schedule visits at the Telmate kiosk, or speak with a deputy. 

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At the Cullman County Detention Center, we offer residents the opportunity to purchase additional personal hygiene items, a variety of snack items, and stationary products. Options to leave money for a inmate are listed below.

Option 1
Bring cash or credit / debit card to the facility.

Option 2
Government Payment Services
You will need the following information for Government Payment Services transactions.
1. Pay Location Code 5500
2. Inmate's name and name number
3. Location: Cullman County Detention Center / Alabama
Option 3
Just visit a MoneyGram agent location and provide the following:
Company Name:    SSC Inmate Funding
Receive Code:       7950
Account Number:   The Facility ID 3A1 and name number

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Inmate Visitation:

Monday through Sunday
8:00 AM til  10:30 AM
1:00 PM til    4:30 PM
6:30 PM til    9:00 PM
Inmates get one free 30 minute visit per week.  The inmate gets to pick who gets the free visit, not the visitor.  Therefore, if you are a visitor wanting to see the inmate, you take the risk of the visit being paid if the inmate has other visitors.

Second and third visits are paid.  All remote visits are paid. 

Free visit cannot be scheduled more than 24 hours in advance, but paid visits can be scheduled at anytime.

Visitation can be scheduled at the Lobby Kiosk, at, or by calling 866-516-0115.  The facility will not be able to schedule visits for you.

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Prepaid Calling for Friends & Family 

Friends & family can set up a prepaid account for you.

·  Telmate Customer Service at 1-866-348-6231
· website
·  Lobby KIOSK (Cash and Credit)

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Visitor Requirements:

The only items allowed to be brought by visitors into the facility is the photo ID required to enter the facility and one car key.

Dress Code: Shorts and skirts must be no higher than mid thigh. No slits in clothing shall extend higher than mid thigh. Shirts must be no lower than the armpit in front or back. See through clothing is not allowed. Gang “colors” and other gang displays are prohibited. Shoes shall be worn at all times.

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Inmate Programs:

Substance Abuse
Addresses drug / Alcohol addictions
NA /AA Meetings
Guest Speakers
Medical protocol for withdrawal / detox
Referral programs available after release from custody
Basic High School curriculum available to detainees who do not have a high school diploma
Sponsored by Wallace State Community College
Mental Health
Focused on emotional problems caused by substance abuse and / or natural issues
Available to detainees thru our Medical Services
Sponsored by Cullman Area Mental Health
Nondenominational curriculum for detainees who want to regain or enhance their spiritual values / growth
Sponsored by the Criminal Justice Ministry Program ( Comprised of area church members)


Work Release:
The Cullman County Work Release Program was created in July 2005. The Work Release Program employees a fulltime staff of three deputies and an office clerk. Currently, the Program services approximately 10 client companies with approximately 50 participants. We are thankful to the Cullman community for the enthusiastic reception and support. Once properly classified and determined suitable for the Work Release Program, inmates are allowed employment in the private sector This allows the inmate the opportunity to earn a wage, which a portion of is used for Work Release operation costs. Wages earned are subject to court ordered payments to victims, fines, court costs, as well as child support.

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Bonding Procedures:

There are 3 ways to make bond on charges at the Cullman County Detention Center.

1. CASH BOND: Cash in the amount of the total bond. This cash bond must be paid at the Cullman County Court House 500 2nd Ave S.W. at the Cullman County Clerk’s Office located on the third floor, if the defendant was charge by Cullman County. If the defendant was arrested by Cullman City Police you will have to go Cullman City Municipal Court located at 204 2nd Ave. N.E. within Cullman City Hall.

2. PROPERTY BOND: If you own property in Cullman County, we can approve the bond here. If your property is located in another county, you will have to come here to get a bond, take it to that county’s Sheriff’s Office to have the bond approved, and return the bond back to Cullman County.  Each page of the bond must be stamped with the appraised value of the property listed.

  • If you are making bond for any charge, you will need to enough property to sign the bond.  Property value must be at least the amount of the bond.  Property values are based off of Appraisal Values (True Value). 
  • If the property is in the name of more than one person, all people listed on the property must be present to sign the bond.  If a person that is listed on the property is deceased, a death certificate must be presented for that individual. 
  • If the property is a commercial property, you must be able to show authorization from the company to sign the bond, in writing.  This cannot be done verbally by the owner.
  • If the property is an estate or living estate, the property will not allowed to be used due to the facility being unable to determine who actually has ‘possession’ of the property.

3. BONDING COMPANY: You may use a professional bonding company licensed to do business in Cullman County. Fees for bonding company services are determined by the individual bonding companies.

BONDING FEE:  Alabama State Law (Act 2012-535) – This law mandates a thirty-five ($35.00) dollar filing fee on bonds.  This fee is to be paid in cash prior to the inmate’s release.  It is paid by the sureties (property owners); not the inmate.

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 Detention Contact Info:

Cullman County Detention Center
Phone: 256-735-2400
1900 Beech Avenue South East
Cullman, AL 35055 
 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can I bring an inmate?

A: The Detention Center will accept prescription medication (only if it has the inmate's name on the prescription and certain medication may not be approved by medical staff), prescription eye glasses, and money may be place in the inmates' account by placing money in the Kiosk machine in the Detention's Lobby. Detention's Lobby is open 24 hours a day. (Medication can be brought anytime).

Q: When I booked out my money was not released, when can I expect my personal funds?

A: You will need to call the Commissary Clerk at 256-735-2706.  If you are unable to come to the facility to pick up a check, an address will need to be provided for a check to be mailed.  Be aware that if the check is over $500.00 that the check will be sent by Certified Mail.

Q: When will my family member go to court?

A: The Cullman County Courts System does not provide the Detention Center with this type of information.

Q: My family member or friend has a failure to appear warrant. When will he or she have a bond or see a judge?

A: When an individual has a failure to appear warrant, a he or she must see a judge. The judge will see these individuals when time permits during his day. The Detention Center does not have a set schedule for these individuals. Family or friends may call District Clerks Office or County Probation Office to find out what fines or court cost is to be paid for their release on particular case.

Q: How does my family member or friend get a court appointed attorney?

A: The individual must request a form from the Court Liaison Deputy. The court will NOT appoint an attorney for some charges such as misdemeanor, traffic related offenses and family court cases. The request for an attorney will be forwarded to the court system.

Q: How can I get on my families or friends visitation list and what information is require?

A: You will need to create an account with the visitation service, Telmate.  From there, you and the inmate can both schedule visits. 

Q: How do I receive calls from inmates?

A: You must have a land line or cell phone that can receive and accept collect phone calls. Call Telmate Customer Service at 1-866-348-6231 to set up an account with them for this service.

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